2D Graphic Elements

In the past all games were in 2D, some of the types have survived like platform games, scrolling shooters etc. but nowadays most games have gone 3D. However even if you are creating a 3D game you will require some 2D elements. For the HUD (Heads up Display) you will often want to drop a gun site or mini map and of course the score. You will also need screens for the player to select game types, maps, options etc. So 2D elements are required in all game types and this section contains notes on the creation and use of these with Direct3D:

  • Textures - how to load textures
  • Sprites - how to use the sprite interfaces
  • Text - how to display text
  • 2D Games Techniques - this section is dedicated to general 2D games programming techniques e.g. scrolling screens, platform games, level editors, AI, etc.


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