This is a small utility I have written to allow x files to be viewed and some of their properties edited. You can change textures, save in binary or text format, allow the whole model to be rotated and saved and play and add animations from other models. There is also an interface to use the Microsoft MeshConvert utility allowing files to be converted between .obj, .sdkmesh and .x. The editor uses my XAnimator library.

Version 0.4 Changes (15th March 2013)

  • Added the ability to show oriented and axis aligned bounding boxes for the model and mesh plus sphere
  • Added the ability to change the colour of the background
  • Fixed cancel button on edit transforms not working
  • Reorganised the menus

Download: XFileEditor04.zip

Known Issues

  • MeshConvert dialog gives no indication of the the results e.g. if it worked
  • Load file after conversion on MeshConvert dialog not yet implemented

Things still to be added:

  • Show scale on axis
  • Better represent the model hierarchy
  • Allow lighting and background colour to be changed so dark models show up better
  • Camera

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