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This site contains many pages of notes and tutorials on games programming. It is aimed mainly at the beginner to intermediate but should have something for everyone interested in games programming.

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2016: New Content

I had not updated this site for some time due to concentrating on my lecturing however I am now starting to add new content. There are 100s of pages on this site that are now getting very out-of-date however they still attract a lot of visitors so I will leave them in place for the time being but mark them as archived. The pages on DirectX10, XNA and Industry have been removed. Planned new content  includes:

  • Games software engineering. This is an area I lecture on and is of great interest to me. I will cover different ways of constructing a game.
  • Vulcan. This promises to be a revolutionary graphics API. As I learn it I will document it.
  • Other possible areas will include: sound, UI, Optimisation, Algorithms etc.

New content changes so far:

  • Removed dead links from Links page. I will add more relevant ones in later,
  • Updated Organisations page and altered dead links
  • Removed T2 (old, old, old)
  • Marked DirectX 9 pages as archived
  • Removed XNA, DirectX10 and Industry areas - not much content and not much traffic so hopefully nobody will miss them!
  • Updated DirectX DLLS page
  • Updated books page

If I have removed something you really want please let me know:

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