4 Harmful Elements Air Conditioning Protects Your Toy Collection From

Almost everybody has a hobby or a collection of some kind. This is actually good for the soul because you get to focus your passion and energy into something that’s positive. Rather than spend your precious time and money on vices or habits that don’t have any value in your life, you’re better off starting a collection that will grow in time. One particular hobby that’s popular these days is collecting toys. Most hobbyists would choose not to take these collectibles out of their packaging to preserve their value. In order to maintain these toys’ in their mint condition, it’s very important to place them in a room with air conditioning. Here are the harmful elements air conditioning protects your toys from.



Plastic and the rays of the sun will never ever go well together. The paint used on most toys these days are very susceptible against sunlight and will fade if they are exposed to it constantly. If you don’t act quickly, each toy in your collection will have faded paint. As a result, the overall value of your toys will significantly drop. Now that’s something each collector would never dream of happening to their beloved toys.


Dust and Dirt

Toys use a special kind of oil to preserve its paint job. When there’s dust and dirt in the air, this paint will be ruined. That’s because these harmful airborne elements have an adverse effect on the oil used on a toy. If your air conditioner has a dirty filter that allows dust and dirt to circulate a room, you better have it cleaned right away. You should call on professional aircon contractor Singapore to have your AC unit’s filter cleaned right away. If you prolong the agony, your valuable collection will suffer from all the dust and dirt in their storage room.



Basically, humidity is how much water vapor there is in the air. If a room is too humid for your toys and other collectibles, you can expect the overall quality of your valuables to go down. Just like the effects caused by sunlight, too much humidity in a room can negatively affect a toy’s paint scheme. At the same time, the moving parts of a toy will loosen up. Once this happens, the joints of your toys will slowly fall off and the toy itself will be ruined. Sure, you can have your toy repaired by an expert customizer but it won’t be the same anymore. Rather than go through this long and expensive process, having a room cooled by an air conditioner is always the best option.



Along with direct sunlight, the heat produced by the sun is one of the biggest concerns for toy collectors everywhere. Heat softens up the plastic of both the toy and its packaging, causing severe damage. Once enough heat has reached your collection, the plastic parts and packaging will be misshapen to your detriment. Rather than settle for this ugly scenario, you should invest in an air conditioner to provide ample protection against the heat of the sun.




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