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After reading some articles on texture rendering at flipcode (RIP) I decided to experiment with the ideas presented and also create a graphical interface to easily test them on. This resulted in the first version of my program. I was surprised by the interest in the program and so after gathering suggestions from a lot of users and listing all the new things I wanted in a texture generation program I created T2.


Vista Build - 26th February 2009

T2 has been rebuilt to work correctly on Vista. It now stores all data in the user’s documents folder (this is required by Vista). It has also been completely rebuilt using the latest libraries. The new Vista version comes with Pack 1 as standard. You can download it here: T2 Download

iceworld from Pack 1moors from Pack 1mountain from Pack 1

To download T2 please visit the download page. To view screenshots please see the Screenshots below and to see the files output by T2 see Files Generated by T2.

Island project mesh view

Pack 1 Released - 11th August 2005

I have finished the first add on pack for T2. It comes with 100 Textures, 35 Heightmaps, 36 T2 Projects, 14 T2 Materials and 11 T2 Bumpmaps. Some screenshots from the pack can be seen below:

iceworld1 from Pack 1moors1 from Pack 1mountain1 from Pack 1

Huygens Probe images from Titan - 15th January 2005

I thought to try the Huygens probe images in T2. If you want to have a go yourself (and walk around on Titan) see this page here: Huygens

T2 included in a book

Greg Snook's book "Real-time 3D terrain engines using C++ and DirectX9" includes an (old) version of T2.

This is a great book for anyone interested in real-time terrain engine programming. For those who have the book I advise you to upgrade to the latest version of T2 available here (the one on the book is a rather old version). Click below to go to the relevant amazon page for the book:,,, germany-flag-tiny(DE)

If you are interested in other games books I have written some reviews of my favourites on the resources page.

Files Generated by T2

To download T2 please visit the Download page.

Below you can see the three files generated by T2 for the bleak.tgp project, the first is the raw output, the second the light map and the third is the two blended together. The images are generated from a 256 by 256 height map and a number of input textures. The snow has a blue tint in the light map because it uses a material with a blue emissive light.

Raw OutputLight mapBlended

This next image is a screen shot of the mesh view area of T2 where you can move around a world generated from the output textures and height map

bleak mesh view


Click to see larger pictures.







Main screen

Island Project




Fantasy project output



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